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Real name: Paulie

Fake Out: Played the role of Vinnie the Tampon Case distributor  on SOAPTALK, a nationally syndicated daytime talk show hosted by Ty Treadway and Lisa Rinna.

Signature move: cramp relieving foot massages 

SCOOP: As a tampon case distributor in demand you can’t do everything. When SOAPTALK, a popular daytime talk show based in LA called asking me to be a guest I told them I’d call them right back with an answer. I hung up and then immediately called my younger brother, Paulie, who lives in LA. cramp_kicking_book.jpgI asked Paulie if he’d be willing to play the role of “Vinnie” on national TV since I was over commited. He asked what was involved and I told him that he wouldn’t have to do that much other than show up and smile since they generally script the on air interview in advance—and I could prep those answers ahead for him. Paulie was game so I FEDEX’d him one of my uniforms and a pile of cases.

I called the show producer back and agreed to do the show. We went over the script on the phone and I forwarded these questions and answers onto Paulie. He’d be required to perform a few of the cramp remedies from my CRAMP KICKING REMEDY book, so he and I went over  the few that they wanted ‘Vinnie’ to demonstrate. Easy enough.

The day of, Paulie showed up at the studio as me and was greeted warmly. No one, including a producer who had had me on another show, had any idea that this was not in fact ‘Vinnie’.  As they were prepping Paulie for the show a producer approached him and said that, if it was ok, they wanted to extend the interview and have ‘Vinnie’ explain a few more remedies. Paulie smiled and said “no probs”, but had to hightail it to the green room to study these new remedies that he and I hadn’t practiced.

Luckily, Paulie is a good student and a good actor. He rocked it. The show went off without a hitch.






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