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"Put it on your coffee table and watch the conversation...flow!"-Lucky Magazine



Due to the popularity of the Handy Period Charts I decided to make a full color, Roller Coaster themed Period Chart Sticker book. The first ever sticker book designed specifically to keep track of the monthly cycle (Chronicle Books)! And, each book came with a free zippered Vinnie's Tampon Case.

With space to chart a year’s worth of periods, the journal will help you create a detailed account of your natural cycle, as well as cheer you up with hot tips on cramp cures, hilarious quotes from fellow menstruators, and more. The snazzy vinyl tampon case is perfect for toting and protecting period paraphernalia in your purse or backpack.

Take it from Vinnie: Don’t dread your monthly cycle, celebrate it! Compare notes with your pals, impress your gynecologist, and most important of all-know your flow!

 • Read rave reviews the book has recieved from happy customers:

5.0 out of 5 stars OK, so this guy with one eyebrow educates our young ladies
By Carol Watkins “Psychiatrist” (Baltimore, MD United State

OK, so this car mechanic guy with one eyebrow is going to educate our young ladies about their menstrual period. What’s more, he is going to empower them to keep track of their own monthly cycles, and give helpful hints about dealing with PMS and cramps. YEAH,RIGHT!!Well…. actually…maybe he will.

Vinnie encourages you to take charge of your menstrual cycle by charting it and keeping track of how stress, foods and other events affect their menstrual experience. Every other page contains a roller coaster picture with the days of the month. You put stickers on dates corresponding to PMS days and Menstrual Flow days. “Psychic Dice” go on the following month to help predict the next period.

Everything in the book is upfront. This makes it a great shame-buster. It encourages you to share information with friends about their cycles and favorite cramp remedies. There are “Pal” stickers to keep track of friends’ cycles. In the back, there are tear-out postcards to send and receive when you or your friends are having cramps or PMS.

Gyno stickers help keep track of your next gynecological appointment. There is a place to fill in the information that your gyn will probably need to know.

I checked this book out with some older teens who usually find such books too juvenile. They all liked it. I can’t really use words to give you the flavor of this book. Be sure to look at sample pages.

5.0 out of 5 stars Faux Vintage Coffee Table Riot
By David S. Feiger “dxsfx” (Las Vegas, NV)

I brought this home thinking I’d found a vintage book, ok so I didn’t read the title or much of the inside but the artwork was great and the book as a whole really well put together. Once I brought it home, my girlfriend loved it and I WAS SHOCKED. She told me all about it, made me sit down and take a look at the stickers and we both cracked up. Ours didn’t come with the tampon case (used book store) but we have found them for sale so now our collection is complete!

This book makes you look twice, no, make that twelve times!













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