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"Dear Vinnie, you are either crazy or a genius. I elect that you are a genius! Thanks for looking out for us girls.”- Fan letter

Vinnie's Tampon Cases are the world renowned invention of artist/designer Vinnie Angel.  Vinnie created his VTC project to provide period havers with a functional and enjoyable case to protect their period products from breaking in the bottom of their bags --and, by putting his cartoon face on every case, to entice men and boys to take an interest in the basics of women's health. 

Initally Vinnie sewed his canvas cases himself and gave them out for free to whomever wanted one. He has given out over 10,000 free Vinnie's Tampon Cases.  Eventually Vinnie allowed retail stores to offer his cases knowing that the conversations his cases create would multiply if they were available beyond his handing them out on the subways and streets of NYC.  

Now, nearly a half a million women around the world use a Vinnie's Tampon Case every month to keep their period products safe in the bottom of their back-packs, purses and pouches. As a result, millions of men, upon seeing the brightly colored VTC in their gal pal's bag, ask "What's a Vinnie's Tampon Case?".  And, right then and there, a guy has volunteered to learn more about the monthly cycle. Armed with this new found information (and possibly appreciation!)...Next thing you know he might be bringing you chocolate for your next cycle...or offering a soothing cramp massages, or.....
Get a VTC and try it yourself! 

• Has 3 brothers and no sisters              
• Favorite food is spaghetti

• Favorite book:
Mary Shelley's Frankenstein
• Zodiac Sign: Scorpio 








Vinnie's Tampon Cases are made possible by:
Blue Q
Sockit Projects
Vinnie's Mom

All photos: Robbie Lee Photography  


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