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The Original!        #1 Since 1996

This is the original WORLD FAMOUS canvas case design for the Vinnie's Tampon Case. The first period product to announce itself with authority.


Vinnie’s Tampon Case is a canvas case with a velcro snap designed by Vinnie to protect period products from getting torn or crushed in the bottom of a back-pack, bag, or purse.

Vinnie’s Tampon Case is the most popular period product that has ever been made ('popular' here meaning 'enjoyed'). Vinnie's case has been featured in nearly every woman’s magazine, on countless radio programs, in newspapers across the globe, on TV shows, in documentaries, in books, on blogs, at the Andy Warhol Museum, offered in stores around the world, given away by Justin Timberlake at his 22nd birthday party, discussed in Harvard classrooms, and, most importantly, carried proudly in back pockets of Jr. Varsity menstruators  on playgrounds everywhere.


Before Vinnie’s Tampon Cases menstruation and the associated products were the bane of most women’s existence, barely acknowledged and carefully hidden. Vinnie’s Tampon Case has given women a reason to look forward to their monthly cycle (or at least a reason to not dread it as much as they used to). For the first time ever women have a product that proclaims its proud menstruation association. Women can finally walk to the bathroom without sneaking a tampon in their sleeve. 

Before Vinnie’s Tampon Cases women were more or less left to their own devices to keep their menstrual products from breaking in the bottom of their back packs, pockets or purses.


Obviously, women made due by transforming alternative-use containers into tampon cases (like tupperware, ziploc bags & socks). But, few if any of these make-shift containers could possible solve for the important and varied tasks that a custom tampon case can provide. Incredibly, in the hundred years that there have been retail menstrual products there had never been a user-friendly menstrual product protector on the market—until Vinnie’s Tampon Cases.

Although labeled a tampon case Vinnie’s Tampon Cases have been designed to protect all menstruation related products: from tampons to pads to the reusable rubber menstrual cups, to natural sponges, etc.. Vinnie’s Tampon Case are made with a soft yet durable material that protects the internal contents (by their collective mass) but has no hard or sharp edges to damage other objects in a purse or pocket.

Every Vinnie’s Tampon Case® comes with Vinnie's HANDY PERIOD CHART—a sturdy card that includes a year’s calendar for the user to keep track of their monthly cycle.  Due to the popularity of Vinnie’s Tampon Cases and the enclosed handy period chart more women are tracking the moods, emotions and cravings associated with their monthly cycle than ever before. Every gynecologist agrees it helps to KNOW YOUR FLOW.

"Dear Vinnie, What can I say?! You are nothing short than God’s gift to women!!  I was first intro-ed to your case when a girl in my class swung out her case and proudly marched our of class without a second glance back.  When she did come back to class, I had to know what made her so bold with her flow.  It was one of your one of a kind cases!  I studied  it over and asked her non-stop questions,...And now, I want to be a case carrying member of the Vinnie Case Club.  The few, the proud, the menstruating…" - Nathalie, H., VA












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